Custom Orders - Pups

Custom orders are fun and perfect for those special doggos in your life.  Below are some options for custom orders for those pups with starting prices. Pricings are subject to change depending on product size, complexity and time needed to complete.  Simply send an email to with what you were thinking you will want plus the date that you would need the custom order by.  Please give us at least 14 days lead time for custom orders, but the sooner you let us know that you would like to include us in your fun festivities the better!
Product Starting price
Cake (for dogs)  $ 18.00
Cupcakes (for dogs)  $ 2.00 / each 
Mini cupcakes (for dogs)  $ 1.00 / each 
Donuts (for dogs)  $ 3.00 / each 
Mini donuts (for dogs)  $ 1.50 / each 
Cookies (for dogs)  $ 1.25 / each 

Available colors (for dogs): pink, purple, blue, orange, red, green, yellow, brown or black

Available flavors (for dogs): pumpkin, carob or peanut butter