Do you offer delivery?
    • Yes! Delivery is available. If at checkout delivery is not an option for you, your delivery address may be outside our delivery radius.  
    • Due to COVID-19, delivery is contactless for your safety and mine.  

    Do you have a pickup option?

    • Yes!  Pickup is always free and is close to Clintonville (off of Olentangy River Road in between Bethel Road and Henderson Road). The Midnight Baker is a home-based bakery (operating under Ohio Cottage Food Laws) so the pickup address will be to a condo.
    • Due to COVID-19, pickup is contactless for your safety and mine.  
    When should I place an order if I want a custom made treat for myself or my dog?
    • Depending on the size of the order and type of treat, there may be a lead time of 4 days.  For example, dog donuts and simply-decorated cakes have an average turn around time of 3 days, but more complex and elaborate cakes have an average turn around time of 7 days. 
    • If you have plans and want to include us in them, as soon as you know you can contact us to start the planning process.  Ideally, the more lead time given to me the better.
    Where do you make the treats (for both humans and dogs)?
    • I make everything out of my home.  For the human treats, I follow Ohio Cottage Food Laws.  For the dog treats, they were sent to a lab to be tested so that they can be labeled in accordance to AAFCO and Ohio Department of Agriculture labeling standards.  
    • I do this part-time as I work a full-time desk job during the day which is why not everything I make is available the same-day or next-day.

      Is there somewhere I can see an ingredient listing or the guaranteed analysis?

      • Yes, if you scroll to the bottom of the page on the right hand corner there is a section "Ingredient Listings" with the different products offered.  Just select the one you would like to check out or you can click on the links below:

      Are the ingredients used in the dog treats human-grade?

      • Yes, all of the dog treats are made with human-grade ingredients so you can eat the treats yourself too! Though we recommend getting some macarons for yourself instead and keep all the dog treats for your pup!

      For the dog treats, what kind of coloring do you use?

      • Only natural food coloring is used to color all the dog treats! Check out the Dog Treats